What is EBEC?

EUROPEAN BEST ENGINEERING COMPETITION is a team based competition that consists of 3 steps, which are divided into two parts as inovative design and case analysis. Both categories are depended on interdisciplinary tasks to enable technology students to use the theoretical informations that they’ve found. The activities are lined up as a pyramid shape starting with the local step and after the country-based step the competition ends with the Europe finale . EBEC is organised once a year and the process continues from local step til the final step.

EBEC Pyramid

Local Step

Local EBEC Step is an event organised by a local BEST group for university students who produces, develops and wants to prove themselves internationally.

National Step

National or regional EBEC step is a step where the winners of the local step and university students who want to prove themselves participate.

Final Step

EBEC Final Step is the final step where the winners of the national and regional winners participate and the champion team wins the “Europe’s best engineers” title.


EBEC Categories

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