Do you ever wonder how Nature would want us to cooperate with it? Listen to the call of Nature! Can’t you hear or don’t you know its language? Don’t worry it is not you nor the language, nature is all about the energy, then it is time to learn and understand its energy!

Once you start to understand nature, it is an infinite source of life. And believe us, its energy is unlimited as well!

Think about a world that can be enough by itself, which is used renewable energy in every area. It seems like a dream world that has

-a wind supplies the electricity in the factory besides blowing your hair

-a sun waters your fields full of golden wheat besides giving you the best tan

-a seaweed that lightens your buildings other than being thrown away…

…but it is possible! And it is possible with this course!

Local BEST Group Izmir’s BEST Course in Autumn aims to give you an overall idea about renewable energy which you can run into everywhere; from solar power to biogas, from hydropower to wind turbines…In Izmir, you’ll dive into the limitless world of renewable energy!

If you want to feel the breeze of Izmir in Autumn, live the best season of its with us, and meet some amazing people from Izmir, then what are you waiting for? Come to Nature, understand Nature, renew from Nature! Apply!

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